The Home Builders Association of Fayetteville’s mission is to serve, advocate, and promote the local building and development industries while fostering unity between members, government and the community.

The members of the HBAF are builders, developers, suppliers, bankers, mortgage brokers and marketing professionals. The HBAF is the seventh largest association among the 62 local associations in North Carolina. For fifty years the association has provided members with a variety of resources on the housing industry as well as opportunities to grow and improve their businesses. Looking to the future, the HBAF will continue to look for ways to service the needs of its members.

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    Building Code Changes, Water Heater SEER Ratings, HVAC Equipment SEER Ratings

    The Idea House is FOR SALE, check out the MLS listing.

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    NAHB Welcomes the Gecko

    HBAF is gearing up for the fall election season

    Top 10 Most Frequently Cited OSHA Hazards


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