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Members in good standing with the Home Builders Association of Fayetteville are permitted to use the logos from HBAF, NCHBA and NAHB. The guidelines for use of each logo are below.

HBA of Fayetteville Logo

We encourage you to make use of the Home Builders logo. Incorporating it into your letterhead and other materials can increase public awareness of your professional affiliation with the HBAF. In addition, if you are an associate member and seeking to do business with builder members it is appropriate and beneficial to use the logo to demonstrate your affiliation with the Association. It can be reproduced electronically, in print, on promotional items, as well as on objects such as windows, doors, and vehicles.

Members who choose to use the logo must abide by the HBAF Guidelines for Logo Usage.

Use of the HBAF logo is a benefit of membership and its use therefore is reserved for individuals holding active memberships in HBAF. Use of the HBAF logo by a member is confined to identifying him or her as a member in good standing. The HBAF logo may not be used in any manner or position to denote or imply any endorsement by HBAF of a member’s product or services, and members may not convey use of this logo to another member or non-member for any purpose whatsoever.




Current members of the North Carolina Home Builders Association have permission to use the NCHBA logo on their marketing materials. To request the logo, email Heather Massengill, NCHBA Director of Communications, at hmassengill@nchba.org.


NAHB Logo Usage Guidelines and Agreement




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