The Federation of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) exists to represent the home building industry by serving its members and affiliated state and local builders associations. The NAHB members, who are involved in all aspects of a diversified building industry, create jobs for millions of people and contribute significantly to the economic activity of their community, the nation and the world.

Working in partnership, the Federation provides superior service to its more than 140,000 members and their employees and strives to improve housing affordability, availability and choice. To achieve this mission, NAHB concentrates on the following five goals:

  • Balance legislative, regulatory and judicial public policy
  • Public appreciation for the importance of housing, housing affordability and those who provide housing
  • Recognized premier resource for industry and consumer information, education, research, technical expertise and networking
  • Improved business performance of its members
  • Effective management of staff, financial and physical resources to satisfy the Association’s needs

Recognize housing and housing providers as the strength of America and create an environment where every American has the opportunity for a safe, decent and affordable home in a suitable living environment provided by an entrepreneurial and competitive industry.


NAHB Priorities

Construction, Codes & Standards

At NAHB, we work with members and legislators to develop and support cost-effective and affordable building codes, standards, regulations, and state and federal legislation in the construction area. In Construction, Codes and Standards, you’ll learn more about structural design, materials, energy conservation, fire safety, electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling, ventilation, indoor air quality, radon, accessibility, safety, acoustics, disaster mitigation, green building, and more.

Green Building, Remodeling & Development

Resources to help you advocate, promote and further understand high performance and sustainable construction.

Legal Resources

NAHB provides a myriad of legal resources for both members and state and local association staff. While the NAHB staff counsel cannot replace your local attorney, we can offer legal research, litigation funding, and/or litigation strategy, depending on the situation and the issues involved. See the Legal Services or Litigation brochure for details. The resources are long-time NAHB services designed with land developers and builders in mind.

Construction Management

On this page you will find manufacturing and production resources any builder will need. From construction management and production best practices, to managing customer relationships and warranties – you can find it here.

Business Operations 

A good business can always be better. Check here for tips on diversification, overhead reduction strategies, human resources, and other topics to improve your day-to-day operations and long-term planning.




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