NAHB Economists Forecast Challenges, Opportunities Ahead


man standing at a fork in the roadThe nation’s economy is enjoying one of the longest stretches of continued GDP growth in history. But the level of economic acceleration might soon begin to ease.

In a midyear economic forecast presentation now available to NAHB members, NAHB Chief Economist Robert Dietz was quick to acknowledge that, aside from the declining affordability of housing, “overall economic conditions remain solid.”

He noted that while certain seemingly negative dynamics of the economy will actually prove to be good news for housing demand, several economic challenges will persist.

“We’re in an aging growth cycle and some imbalances are beginning to build up in the macroeconomy, [so] we have to be aware of those risks going forward,” Dietz said.

Dietz’s full presentation, as well as several more from other NAHB economists, can be viewed for free at The presentations provide insights on many key areas of the housing sector — some that are likely to experience sustained growth, and others showing signs of a slowdown.

The additional presentations include:

  • Lumber and Tariffs
  • Multifamily Cost of Regulation
  • Macro and Regional Conditions
  • Living Arrangements of Young Adults

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