Inspections Taking Too Long?


On August 1, 2018, an important provision contained in HB 948 (Building Code Regulatory Reform Act of 2018), NCHBA’s top session priority, became effective. It allows a builder to request the assignment of a state inspector by the NC Department of Insurance’s Engineering & Codes Division (DOI) whenever a local inspections department fails to perform a requested inspection within two (2) business days.

The state inspector will be assigned from the “inspector marketplace pool” composed of fully-credentialed, retired Code-enforcement officials. The builder will pay DOI for this service at a rate set by the law at $30 per hour for the inspector’s services plus mileage at the state rate. The law further allows the builder to recoup the portion of the permit fee for the requested inspection not provided by the local jurisdiction. Requests for the assignment of a marketplace pool inspector should be directed to Deputy Commissioner Cliff Isaac at




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