HBAF Office Closed, Staff Will Work Remotely


Over the next few weeks, our priority is to balance the safety of self, family and members, while at the same time meeting the needs and expectations that our members want and deserve in this unprecedented time. Our work environment is where we start. We believe we can accomplish this desired balance with the following precautions starting now and continuing over the next couple of weeks. Please understand that we will evaluate this often and change is a high probability.

In an effort to keep staff and members safe, we will work remotely. All meetings and correspondence will be done via email, text, phone or conference calling. We remain committed to being available and helpful as possible to all members. For the balance of March, HBAF committee meetings are canceled. Some meetings will be held via conference call on an as-needed basis. We will continue to monitor the situation and evaluate meetings in April as we get closer to the meeting date.

As the Association, our role is to be here for our members. Our commitment is to stay available and engaged on issues that affect our industry now and in the future.

We will provide updates on this on a periodic basis. We will also monitor updates from the NC Department of Health, NAHB and any other resources that you need to know about.

We are here for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Natalie Fryer, natalie@fayhba.org

Pamela Grierson, pamela@fayhba.org




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