Energy Bill Heads to Finish Line


The House of Representatives has passed a bill that would stop energy code costs from skyrocketing and give the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) a more common-sense and home buyer-friendly role in writing these codes.

The Senate passed a version of the energy bill that doesn’t address cost, and instead strengthens DOE’s role in writing these codes. NAHB needs the help of all members of the Federation to fix that.

Last week, NAHB alerted builders in those districts where their member of Congress has been appointed to a conference committee to work out the differences and craft the final bill. The ask: Call your representative or senator and ask them to support the House language that would put a stop to DOE lobbying efforts and ensure that any new energy code requirements are cost-effective.

The House version includes NAHB-supported language to:

  • Keep homes affordable. The additional costs associated with any DOE-supported code change proposal must be paid back within 10 years. It’s time to ensure that home owners aren’t paying for money- and energy-saving technologies that many be outmoded before they’re even paid for.
  • End DOE lobbying.  The House version prevents DOE from lobbying the code development process on behalf of certain products or technologies.

“The Senate version does not include these protections. At a time when some energy efficiency advocates are pushing for codes that will take 100 years to be paid back, we need reform now,” the alert said.

Even builders from states whose members of Congress are not part of the conference process can help: These talking points will help you make your case. Contact your representative or senator at






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