Download Housing Data by Congressional District


NAHB has launched a new Internet portal where members can develop a detailed profile of their local markets and potential customers and get the stats on new home production, housing affordability, remodeling activity and other benchmarks.

The NAHB Housing Portal also provides results of housing surveys conducted for NAHB by Morning Consult, the polling firm that created the website.

This information can help both housing providers and advocates. The site offers data at the national, state and congressional district levels. It even offers a statistical overview of Census Bureau-recognized metro areas.

Here’s how it works: Open the portal, go to the U.S. map and click on any state. Then choose a congressional district.

With just the click of your mouse, you will see the district’s homeownership rate, median home value, median household income, the percentage of renters that pay more half of their income in rent, and other useful market information.

Drilling down to the polling and economic data allows you to create a detailed report that reveals the percentage of people who believe there is a housing shortage in their community. Also included are residents’ opinions on a broad range of housing policy issues such as overregulation, tax treatment of homeownership and federal involvement in local land use decisions.

The economic data provides a more focused look at the area with median family income, the median value of recently purchased homes, and a percentage breakdown of single-family, single-family attached, multifamily and “other” types of housing.

The Housing Portal also addresses rental housing and provides the local rental vacancy rate, the median gross rent, and a breakdown of the percentage of renter households that are rent burdened and severely rent burdened.

Finally, the site also allows you to generate and download reports about a given state or congressional district.

Learn more at the NAHB Housing Portal.






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