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One of the ways HBAF members can help with advocacy is through a Call to Action. When important agenda items affecting the industry are up for a vote at the local level or an important bill is on the NC General Assembly floor, HBAF puts out a Call to Action to members. It is an easy way to let our elected officials know our position on legislation. You simply click on the link, follow a few instructions, and the email is sent to the elected official… it is that easy and very powerful!


HBAF is involved and encourages members to be involved in elections. Electing pro-business and pro housing candidates to the city, county and NC General Assembly is essential to the housing industry and our communities. HBAF is bipartisan in the candidates we support.

In a given election year, HBAF will reach out to candidates with important questions and ask them to respond. We will host a candidate meet and greet. This gives members an opportunity to speak with candidates face to face and one on one.

Candidate profiles and responses to HBAF questions will be posted here for your reference.

2017 City of Fayetteville Election

All Candidates were sent a set of questions relating to the building and construction industry. Candidates that have submitted their answers will have a link that allows you to view their answers. If there is not a link over their name, then answers have not been submitted to the HBAF office. These are the questions that were asked:

  1. Explain your qualifications and background for this elected position.
  2. The City of Fayetteville, the building/development industries and the business community, must partner together to focus on economic development and job creation. How should the City of Fayetteville collaborate with the business community and other governmental agencies in the area of economic development and job growth?
  3. The Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) has proven to be too restrictive, too costly, and has dramatically curtailed development in Fayetteville. Would you be in favor of repealing the UDO and replacing it with a new ordinance that is developed by a committee with membership consisting equally of representatives from the council, the development community, and the city staff?
  4. The current Stormwater Ordinance is more restrictive than the state’s ordinance. How do you suggest amending this ordinance to encourage and strengthen the building industry and will you support changing our ordinance to be the same as the states?
  5. How do you feel about metro government as a way to reduce taxes and/or improve service provisioning by local government units?


Mayoral Candidates

Mitchell Colvin, Jr.
Nat Robertson, Jr.

District 1

Curtis Brown, Sr.
Kathy Keefe Jensen

District 2

Dan Culliton
Tyrone Williams

District 3

Tisha Waddell
Jeremy Wright

District 4

DJ Haire
Chalmers McDougald

District 5

Johnny Dawkins
Henry Tyson

District 6

Bill Crisp
Toni Stewart

District 7

Trevone McNeill
Larry Wright

District 8

John Miner
Ted Mohn

District 9

Jim Arp








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