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Growing Our Strength through Member Recruitment, Renewals, and Involvement

Recruiting new members to the HBAF is an activity recognized and rewarded through the Spike Club. Those who participate are called Spikes, and they are among the most valued members of the association.

Member-to-member recruitment and renewal efforts are the largest source of growth for the HBAF. Spikes bring grassroots growth and stability. These efforts lead to the development of the general membership and our leadership pipeline, keeping the face of the HBAF true to that of our industry and the scope of interests we represent.

Spikes are the membership leaders of our federation, building the voice, power and influence on every level, in every state.

Life Spikes

Members become Life Spikes once they have earned 25 spike credits. They are recognized on the website, in the printed membership directory and on a plaque at the HBAF office.

HBAF Life Spike Members

Bobby Thompson 1970 Mike Fowler 1993 Walter Moorman 2006
Dan Gore 1975 John Campbell 1994 Mark Rice 2006
Hunter Chadwick 1976 Jimmy Hobbs 1994 David Sykes 2006
James “Bud” Tisdale 1983 Patricia McDonald 1994 Rick Meade 2007
Leighton Blue 1985 Julie Rufenacht 1994 Bob Pearson 2007
John Koenig, Sr. 1985 Keith Horne 1994 Charles Steffen 2007
John English 1986 Sylvia Johnson 1995 Jim Yates 2007
George Matthews 1986 J.E. Sharpe 1995 Billy Hylton 2008
Ray Perry 1986 Ray Rouse 1997 Jackie Trinchitella 2008
Ronald Hickman 1986 Curtis Godwin 1997 Larry Autry 2009
William Harrell 1986 Mark Edelman 1998 Nephi Brock 2009
Sarah Hedgepeth 1987 Chuck Gore 1998 Brady Rufenacht 2009
Dohn Broadwell, Sr. 1987 Ralph Huff 1998 Dohn Broadwell Jr. 2010
Tommy Grooms 1987 Neill Lindsay 1998 Malcolm McFadyen 2010
John Butler 1988 Fred Dew 1999 Jim Mozingo 2010
Ron Blackwelder 1988 Suzanne Pennink 1999 Ned Johnson 2011
Jonathan Elliot 1988 Ron Smith 1999 Jim Smith 2011
Floyd Jenkins, Jr. 1988 Keith Collier 2000 Larry Strother 2011
Barry Hooker 1988 John Gillis 2000 Jared Fryer 2012
John W. Tew 1989 Hettie Bullard 2002 Wells Alderman 2013
Marvin Allan 1990 Jackie Hairr 2002 Hector Ray 2013
Mayon Weeks 1990 Pamela Downing 2003 Lynne Greene 2014
Steve Godwin 1991 Harold Kidd 2003 Kevin Shortridge 2015
Linda Lee Allan 1992 Linda Huff 2003 Fred Lund 2015
John Sykes 1992 Murray Duggins 2004 Watson Caviness 2016
Robert “Bobby” Dail 1992 Jim Graves 2004 John Koenig 2016
William Corne 1993 Debra Bass 2005 Pat McKee 2016
Ronald Robichaud 1993 Harold Brewington 2005
Greg McDonald 1993 John Canady F. 2005
Chuck Weber 1993 Calvin Riddle, Jr. 2005


Spike Club Q&A

What are the benefits of becoming a Spike?

The real benefits are intangible: You are recognized for your contributions to the association and regarded as an accomplished and connected member. Additionally, Spikes receive:

  • A coveted invitation to the biggest party of the year, the Spike Party at the International Builders’ Show®*
  • Increased visibility, recognition and networking opportunities at industry events
  • Unique and valuable lapel pins for each level of achievement
  • Additional VIP treatment throughout the year

* Eligibility postcards are sent only to eligible Spikes who have at least six credits and one new member recruitment credit between Nov. 1 of the previous year and Oct. 31 of the current year. For example, if a Spike who otherwise meets the attendance criteria recruits a new member in December 2012, this will satisfy the new member recruitment criteria and she/he will be eligible to attend the 2014 Spike Party. As always, the recruitment credit may be composed of one full credit received when a new Builder or Associate member is recruited or two ½ credits received when Affiliate or Council members are recruited.

How do I become a Spike?

Before becoming a Spike, you are a Spike candidate. That means you have earned between one and five and a half credits. Once you earn your sixth credit, you become an official NAHB Spike! Spike credits are earned by recruiting and retaining NAHB and Council members.

How do I earn Spike credits?

Members earn one credit for each new member they sponsor. When that member renews after his or her first year of membership, the sponsoring member automatically gets one renewal credit. Every year the member renews thereafter, the sponsoring member will receive a ½ renewal credit.

Spikes receive a ½ credit for recruitment and a ½ credit for the renewal of Affiliate members.

What are the Spike Club levels?

Spike Candidate Blue Spike Life Spike Green Spike Red Spike
1-5 Credits 6 Credits 25 Credits 50 Credits 100 Credits
Royal Spike Super Spike Statesman Grand Spike All-Time Big Spike
150 Credits 200 Credits 500 Credits 1000 Credits 1500+ Credits






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